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New to Golf? Here are Some Tips

Below are some of the important things that a beginner golfer should know. There are many things to learn for someone who is just starting in the game of golf. Some basic guides will be mentioned below that can help you start in your journey of learning the game.

If you play golf then you need golf clubs, and there are many types of golf clubs used in golf which you put in your bag and bring to your game. Although you can put 14 golf clubs in your bag, you don’t have to fill it up if you are just beginning to play the sport. What you need primarily are a driver, a putter, and sand wedge and you can supplement this with 6-iron, 8-iron, pitching wedge, fairway wood or a hybrid with 18 to 21 degrees loft. The top clubs for 2017 can help you find the right golf clubs for your needs.

You should use woods that offer more loft. It will be easier to hit the ball into the air with this. This can prevent your shots to fly at straight angles since it can reduce any sidespin. The best driver to choose is one that has a minimum 10 degree loft and a fairway wood beginning at 17 degrees.

There are golf clubs which are specially designed for beginners and this are the ideal ones to buy. Choose the hybrid golf clubs which are ideal for beginners. Choose an iron with a wide sole so that it does not stick to the ground if you hit too far behind the ball. Measure you iron with two fingers from the front edge to back for the wide of the sole, and this will be the perfect one for you.

Buying golf balls will depend on the balls that you lose per round average. Beginner golfers should choose the cheapest cost per dozed balls. The better you become, you also deserve the better kind of balls which are also more expensive.

Taking lessons from an experienced golfer will give you an advantage. Beginners don’t have bad habits and this is why it is easy to teach them proper ways. You can improve your game greatly if a professional checks your game and corrects your mistakes.

If you want to achieve distance at once it is not by swinging your drivers on the driving range. The proper way of doing it is to do some half swings first with a short iron or wedge to warm up your muscles. While you warm up, your length and speed will increase then you can move onto a middle iron, then to a driver.