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How You Can Use a Dog Kennel to House Train Your Dog

There are several reason for dog owners to have a vari kennel, the common dog crate made of fiberglass. Many of you know that it is the type of crate that many airlines require and that is one reason while the other reason is for house training a puppy or a dog. Due to the fact that dogs do not “eliminate” in places where they stay, sleep or eat, using a vari kennel makes house training effect. However to make this really worth the effort you need to be very consistent. It can be difficult at first, but your canine buddy will quickly learn if you are very consistent.

So how do you start house training via this methods? It is very easy. You start by using a crate that is the right size. Get one that is big enough for your dog to fit in. Do not get one that is way too big or the dog will eliminate is the farthest corner.

Puppies have very small bladder, which they also do not know how to control so they eliminate very often. Establish a schedule to make this work. It is also important to follow the same time schedules every single day. Also, for this to work feeding schedules must also be consistent. You should also take note of that most puppies eliminate every 2-4 hours depending on the their size and breed. Take note that puppies are likely to “go” shortly after playing, eating or waking up.

Dogs appreciate receiving a reward and are likely to repeat the good behavior when he receives it right after. Giving your dog a food reward is the easiest but you can also use toys or praises or a few minutes or play time. Reward you pet after he or she does business in proper areas. There will be times when the dog will accidentally mess in the crate but do not punish him for this, just take him out immediately and clean it. The puppy might get used to doing his business inside the crate if you leave him there far too long with his or her waste.

As a summary, every dog owner need a vari kennel not only for travelling with the pet but also for house training the puppy effectively and inexpensively. Even professional dog trainers use this trick, but any dog owner can do this as well. This training, like all other types of training for dogs, can be challenging but you can make this work. Consistency is very important if you want to make this work. Also, it is very important to start the puppy on this kind of training as soon as he arrives in your home. Lastly, make sure that you buy a crate that is tough and sturdy. To get the best vari kennel, click here.

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