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Tips to Avoid Damaging your Septic Tank

A part of the house that is important and should be cleaned and maintained regularly for it to function smoothly is the septic tank system. This article will give provide you information on what you need to do in order to keep your septic system from possible damages and leaks.

Taking care of your septic tank is important. The life span of your septic tank can last for years if you are very responsible enough to avoid what should not go in there. Some of the things that could cause damage draining to your sewer are napkins, fats, diapers, wet tissues, cigarette ends, oil, coffee grounds and anything non-biodegradable form of substances. The harm these substances cause can end up clogging the tank and you’ll end up paying for a costly repair.

Another tip is to maintain the drain field. Drain field or leach field is an important part of the system in a septic tank as it removes contaminants from the draining liquid. Here are some tips you can do to take care of your drain leach.

Avoid driving pass the leach field or parking on it.

Planting trees in your area is a good idea but avoid planting it near the drain field to avoid the roots from getting into the field.

The sump pumps and house gutters that catches rainwater should also be kept far from the area of the drain field.

Be responsible to check the drain system every now and then. The septic system should be checked periodically by an expert to avoid any possible damage that could occur. Any huge damage on the system can lead to a full replacement, so unless you have the money to do so, avoid the septic system from damaging by inspecting it.

Pump out the waste every two years. Call the septic tank services to pump the gunk out of your tank and prevent failure in the system.

Control the amount of household chemicals that you use daily. If you use detergents, drain cleaners and bleaches, do not use them in excessive amounts so that your septic tank will not malfunction.

Do not do the cleaning on your own, get experts to do it. Cleaning and maintaining the septic system is heavy task and should only be done by experts. The initial task of the septic system services is inspection of your property’s septic system and find signs of sewer line damage and leaks. The experts will also check the scum and sludge layers to ensure these are not causing problems. Any signs of leaks and damages should be reported and fixed immediately by the septic service provider.

You can call a Glenpool septic system services for your septic tank system needs.

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